Birdseye Maple Pens

Maple trees can be found in all areas of Nova Scotia. The foliage of the maple tree is very beautiful, highlighted in shades of red, yellow and brown. The sugar maple provides maple syrup in the early spring and when boiled will provide maple sugar and maple syrup.

I have collected the best birdseye maple in Nova Scotia to make my Birdseye Maple Pens. The "birdseye" are believed to be caused by a fungus growth in the maple. My quest for the perfect birdseye maple has taken me to Clare, Hants and Colchester Counties. 

People ask me “what is your favourite wood?” I would have to say that the birdseye maple has an enormous appeal to me. It is a representative wood of Nova Scotia. Its beautiful foliage just lights up the landscape in the fall. It is also a national symbol of Canada, having a prominent place on our Canadian Flag.

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