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Contact Me/Ordering/Payment

Each pen is personally handcrafted by me. You have my assurance that the finest of materials and craftsmanship have been used to create a pen that will be treasured by you or the recipient of this gift.

If you are interested in purchasing an item, please contact me via e-mail at or call me at 902-443-5087.


As I stated in “About Scotian Pens”, this site is all about high quality, personal service. I am committed to providing you with reasonably priced and high quality pens. This is not a shopping cart service, so I encourage you to e-mail me at

to ask questions about your purchase and to place your order.


Delivery Charges

I will only charge you the actual cost from Canada Post, plus the insurance charges on shipments over $100.00, as Canada Post covers the first $100.00. There is no charge for packaging and handling.



This is the good news. I will not be charging you any taxes on shipments or purchases from Nova Scotia.



I accept VISA and MasterCard so I would request that you call me (Darrell Eisner) at 902-443-5087 and I can take your order and credit card information. E-mail financial transfers can be sent to

Because of my commitment to personal service, this will give me an opportunity to answer any questions about your purchase. 

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