Bluenose II

  In 2011,  I was privileged to acquire a quantity of oak rail from the Bluenose II Company Store and angelique from the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance that was restoring the Bluenose II in Lunenburg.

    I used this wood in designing pens to commemorate the Bluenose schooners. The black presentation case holds a variety of historically important collectable silver coins and stamps. The 2000 $20.00 silver coin contains a holographic image of the Bluenose II and is of limited mintage. The 2012 1/25 pure gold Bluenose II coin will become a family heirloom to pass down through generations of family or make a wonderful presentation gift. The 1982 stamp issue contains the image of the Bluenose that was on the first commemorative stamp issued in 1929. This stamp is considered one of Canada’s most beautiful stamps.

    In the pictures below you will find a selection of bottled fountain pen ink and ink cartridges. The ink is a national branded  ink of the highest quality. Both of these ink assortments are packaged in a Bluenose theme. There are two choices of colours, Schooner Blue and Stormy Seas Black. 

    We sometimes question, " Is this wood the real thing?" As a Nova Scotian and 8th generation descendant of the 1751 settlers of Lunenburg, I certify that this wood has come from both of these vessels. I have included a signed history of the Bluenose ships and a letter of Provenance with an historical review of the vessels .

    Included in the pictures below are pictures of the actual rail and rib that I used in the turning of these pens. There is also a picture of the hull of the restored Bluenose II under construction in 2011. The newly restored Bluenose II was launched on September 29, 2012 into Lunenburg Harbour. During the fall, the mast, hatches and sails from the original Bluenose II were installed on the boat.

    I am pleased to offer these pens and presentation cases to you to commemorate this Canadian iconic Bluenose and to share with Canadians “a piece of the Bluenose”. In 2011, the Nova Scotian sponsors of the Force 4 Atlantic Economic Conference, commissioned me to provide the Bluenose pen and presentation case to their conference presenters. Amongst the many leading Canadian businesses , academic and government leaders, was the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

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