Woodworker Pens

I have a habit of collecting objects made of wood and wood pen blanks that I put away until I come up with a pen concept. Now is the time for this wood. In 2014,  a leading Canadian retailer was divesting themselves of wooden planes that they had used for photography shots. They had about 800 items for sale and these planes, turning chisels, etc were offered for sale in Halifax as part of a travelling container sale. They are vintage. I’m not sure of the exact age, but I’m sure that collectors could tell us more about them. 

By commission,  I will make you a pen out of the wood of some of these planes. They would make wonderful, nostalgic gifts for the woodworker, carpenter, artist in your life. Engraving on the pen will ensure their valued pen does not go missing. Take a look on my website and pick a pen style that you like and let me know by e-mail  info@scotianpens.com or 902-443-5087 what you would like me to make.

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