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Dymondwood Pens

Occasionally, people ask me, "Are these real wooden pens, as I've never seen a tree like that?" Yes, the Dymondwood Pen is made out of real wood. Maple strips of wood are dyed and fitted in a layered pattern. The wood is then injected with a resin and is subjected to high heat and pressure on a large roller press. The resulting material is much like a plywood board sheet and then is cut into pen blanks. As you can see, there are many beautiful and unique patterns.


These Dymondwood Pens will appeal to an individual who is looking for a unique gift. Be the only one in the office to have a multicoloured Dymondwood Pen. These pens are works of art and reflect the personal tastes of the individual. The resin that is injected into the pen makes it almost waterproof. In fact, dymondwood is used in the construction of duck calls which are used in all weather conditions. So, with this in mind, think of all those friends, relatives, and work mates who work outside that would appreciate an all weather Dymondwood Ballpoint Pen.


I have presented three styles of Dymondwood Pens for you to make a selection. The first is the medium weight Dymondwood Euro Ballpoint Pen. The second style is the Dymondwood Presidential Ballpoint Pen. It is a bit slimmer and has a spring loaded clip. The spring loaded clip fits comfortably in a shirt pocket or purse/wallet.The third style is the double twist “Big Ben”

ballpoint with the large gold clip which really shows off the beauty of these pens.

I have many more in stock, so please e-mail me at info@scotianpens.com for pictures and ordering.