HMS Victory

The people who have a naval background are quite familiar with the history of the HMS Victory ship. HMS Victory’s keel was laid on July 23, 1759 at the dockyards of Chatham, England. The ship was finally completed and made sail for the first time on April 13, 1778. 


HMS Victory is noteworthy as being the only surviving warship to have fought in the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War, and the Napoleonic Wars. The HMS Victory is still an active warship within the British Navy.


Admiral Lord Nelson, as Commander in Chief, commanded the British fleet at the battle of Trafalger. Unfortunately, he was fatally wounded by a French sniper. The naval battle was a major victory for the British, and the French fleet never recovered their superiority in naval warfare.


I was able to obtain a small quantity of wood which was salvaged over the years during the numerous restorations. The pens that I have made are of the finest quality in 22kt gold plating and rhodium finish. I chose the gold plating to complement the richness of the oak and gold painting on the hull of the HMS Victory. The gold plating is symbolic of the gold braid on an admiral’s uniform.


I realize that a lot of the active and retired naval personnel know the history of the HMS Victory ship, however, for those who do not know this history, feel free to visit the HMS Victory Museum Website. The pen made out of wood from an historic ship is a wonderful presentation gift and memento of a living naval museum.

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