Olive Wood Pens

These Bethlehem Olive Wood Pens are created from olive wood grown in Bethlehem. The grain of the olive wood is very rich and highly accented with dark stripes and knots. Sometimes when I have a knot in the olive wood, I can notice a figure in the finished pen. I call these "the spirit figures".


Now you have got to have a lot of imagination here to see what the figure represents. It is like seeing figures in the clouds. Not all olive wood pens will have "spirits" on them, but all will be especially admired for their beauty. No trees were cut down to provide the olive wood pen blanks. Instead, the pen blank comes from pruning the younger olive wood trees and from the sprouts off of the older olive wood trees. Olive wood trees live for over 2000 years and then regenerate as sprouts from the base of the old trunk.


Each pen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity indicating that the wood is authentic Bethlehem Olive Wood. Due to its rich dark grain, I use it as an accent piece in some of my other pens. Take a look at the Shipyard Pens and view the Maple Shipyard Pen with its centerband of Bethlehem Olive Wood.

You can learn more about the Bethlehem Olive Wood trees by going to www.bethlehemolivewood.net

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