Ring Neck Pheasant Pens

There is an incredible amount of detail and artistry in these Ring Neck Pheasant pens. The Ring Neck Pheasant is seen in many locations throughout North America. The plumage on these birds is beautiful and fully showcased when they take flight. These birds are seen all over Nova Scotia and I have paired the feathers up with Apple and Birdseye Maple woods from Nova Scotia to  make a unique Scotian pen gift.

The larger Rollerball and Fountain pens make excellent presentation gifts or collector pens. The plating is the highest grade rhodium with 22 kt gold/titanium hand-crafted motifs on the end caps and a gold centre-band.

We are avid observers of those squawky Blue Jays in our backyard and acknowledge their presence in the faux Blue Jay pens below.

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