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Thornvale Estate

Thornvale Estate was built in 1867 by Tomas E. Kenny, a Halifax merchant and Member of Parliament. It is a three-story 10,000 sq. ft. 8-bedroom mansion. The house is situated on the Halifax North West Arm with an imposing view of the water.


The architectural style is Second Empire, which was popular in homes of that era. The interior is beautifully appointed with 13.5 foot ceilings, large wooden baseboards, marble fireplaces, and magnificent detailed wooden doors with ornate plaster moldings around the ceilings.


In 1918, the estate was sold to William M. P. Webster, a local glass merchant who resided there until his passing in 1950. The RCMP acquired the estate in 1950 as a barracks for its single personnel and administrative offices and held a lease on it for 50 years.


Recently, the house has been purchased by a local developer and is being restored to its former beauty. Thornvale Estate is designated an HRM historical structure. The wood in the pen is oak from the window moldings

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Thornvale - Photo courtesy of the Nova Scotia Museum

Hand forged nails from Thornvale

Thornvale under renovation in 2010

Thornvale Pen

Thornvale Pen


Darrell with window frames from Thornvale

Entrance to Thornvale

RCMP plaque at entrance to Thornvale

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