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How the Tigerwood Pen was created!


It all began when my brother, an avid golfer, asked me if I had heard of a wood called Tigerwood. I had not, but the idea was intriguing. I researched and discovered there was indeed such a species:


Latin Name: Astronium Fraxinifolium

Other Names: Bois de Zebre, Kingwood, Zorrowood

Location: Brazil, Paraguay, and Guiana

Colours: light golden brown to reddish brown with dark stripes.


It seemed fitting to include an accent of Ironwood to continue with the golfing theme.


Latin Name: Ostraya Virginiana American Hophornbeam

Location: Canada & the U.S.


Although this pen cannot guarantee a low handicap like its namesake, it will no doubt rival the pencil in his golf bag.

Presidential Ballpoint Pen

Presidential Ballpoint Pen


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