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Victoria Inn Pens

In 2010, the Victoria Inn in downtown Halifax was demolished to make way for a modern-day condominium complex. This structure was built in the 1800’s and went through a number of transformations. It will be remembered by many people as a rooming house with old world charm. 


Wood salvaged from this building will be used to make a commemorative pen. Pictured below is a wood spindle. It is our understanding that it came from the third level of the structure. The wood had been painted many times and there was little decorative turnings on the spindle. These spindles were used in the stairwell going to the servant's quarters on the upper level and it was felt that it was not necessary to have expensive spindles at that time.

Prior to the demolition of the historic Victorian Inn on Hollis Street, in Halifax, I was privileged to obtain some wooden, decorative, balusters from the veranda. By special commission, I can make a special pen for you out of this wood. Just select a pen style, we will do the rest.

Contact me at or call me at 902-443-5087 in Halifax

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