This is a beautiful writing instrument. All of these Rollerball pens have a gold finish and the threading at the centreband is seamless. I was very impressed with the quality of the Windsor Rollerball and decided it deserved a different name than its industry name. So I called it the Windsor Pen after my hometown in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Windsor was originally know as Pesaquid, a Mi'kmaq term meaning "Junction of Waters".


Today, it is known as The Birthplace of Hockey, for Howard Dill's Giant Pumpkins, and Historical Fort Edward. Just across the lake are the Acadian dykes in Falmouth, home of Sainte-Famille Winery. I have put together a collection of Wooden Windsor Rollerball pens that are unique for the wood species, interesting grain patterns and colour.


The Windsor Rollerball and Fountain pen is a medium weight pen and a joy to hold in you hand. If you have never owned a rollerball/fountain, then this is the one to purchase. Quality, ease of operation, and a gliding movement on paper that flows the ink at an even rate.


All of these Windsor Rollerball and Fountain Pens have been carefully hand crafted and will make excellent gifts for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. All of these hand made wooden and acrylic pens have been finished to the highest quality standard. Each Windsor Pen is sealed to protect the wood and three coats of woodturners finish are applied. This finish ensures that you have a beautiful Windsor Rollerball or Fountain Pen of the highest quality, at an excellent price.

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