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Nova Scotia Shipyard Pens


Nova Scotia shipyards are known around the world as producing the finest of sailing vessels. The proud "Bluenose" is featured on the Canadian dime and its replica, the "Bluenose II", served as a floating ambassador for Canada.


Oak, maple, and teak have always been used in the construction of sailing ships as far back as the 1700's in Nova Scotia. I was fortunate enough to receive some oak, maple, and teak from one of our famous shipyards. These woods are used in the construction of modern day yachts, fishing vessels, and pleasure crafts. These pens are unique in that I do not use a traditional metal centre band. I instead chose exotic woods to accent the beauty of the oak, teak, and maple wooden shipyard pens.


These Shipyard Pens are a great gift for the sailor in your life and as a reminder of the sailing heritage of Nova Scotia. 


Maple, Teal, or Oak

Maple, Teal, or Oak

Ballpoint Shipyard Pens $30.00

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