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Texas Lone Star Pen

      I am a big fan of James A. Michener novels. One that particularly interested me was his novel on Texas. I love history and story telling and this book certainly influenced me in creating two beautiful pens and pen sets.

The Texas Lone Star flag is featured on this outstanding pen with a scrolled 2004 Texas quarter embedded in resin. Featured in a black pen case is the pen and an original Sam Houston stamp.

      In 2012 I met Seamus Rooney of Wichita,Texas. Seamus took the pen making community to the next level by hand scrolling metal coins and incorporating them in his pens. I thought this concept would fit right in with my historical wooden pens and commissioned him to show case his work on the Texas Lone State Pen and the James Bowie Pen. You can see more of Seamus'work at www.Texomapens.

Texas Lone Star

Texas Lone Star

Fountain Pen or Rollerball Pen $275.00 With Presentation Box $325.00

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